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Application Management System(AMS)

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Application Management System tool is designed for staffing needs of the various Clients across the Globe which increases the quality of your business. It automates your complete Staffing process and boost your quality of process. It has got optimal tools and features which make your process more effective and time saving. It will increase the quality and quantity of the Sales and recruiting team with its advanced options.

Its Key Features involves:
  • Advanced Search
  • Total Workflow
  • Resume Compiler
  • Mass Mailing System
  • Mailing Format System
  • Portal integration System
  • Reporting
  • Documentation

Total Work Flow:
  • It Includes
  • Requirement Search
  • Requirement Posting
  • Sales or recruiter name and ID
  • Rate Confirmation Details
  • NCA/NDA/MSA Documents
  • Final Format
  • Job Board Integration
  • Portal integration
  • Collage Board integration
  • Social Networking portals integration.
  • GoMembersAMSChart

Advance Search:
  • It includes
  • Requirement Search
  • Job Postings
  • Internal Submissions
  • Vendor Submissions
  • Client Submissions
  • Job Tracking
  • Submission details and Feed Back
  • Rate confirmation Tracking
  • Client Details
  • No Duplicate Submission
  • Client Response or Feedback
  • Web and Portal Integration
  • Mailing Templates
  • Group Mailing
  • Opt in or Opt out Process.
  • Personal search.

Resume Compiler:
  • It Includes
  • Resume Formatting
  • Resume Key word Search
  • Resume and Requirement Formatting
  • Advanced Resume Search
  • Duplicate Resume Search
  • Reporting
  • Mass Mailing System
  • It includes
  • Bulk Mailing
  • Mailing Groups
  • Mail Integration
  • Mail Formatting
  • Reports
  • It Includes
  • Submission Report
  • Posting Report
  • Interview Schedule
  • Feed Back
  • Detailed report
  • Documentation.