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Document management System(DMS)

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DMS is a cloud based file Hosting software designed by Espros Technology Consultants Technologies Inc Head quartered at Dublin CA. It has unique features like File Syncronization file Merging File retrieving File Storage. Personal file Management System.

This is a high advanced Cloud based software which enables lots of advanced features for the client needs as per the drastic technology changes globally.

DMS is a system based software which enables the digitalization of all the documents. It supports all the File formats. It is used for maintaining the documents editing the documents enabling the documents securing the documents retrieving the documents and store the documents.

DMS has an advanced application features like Copy,Scan,Fax,Receipt and many more. It has one more advanced feature like direct File conversion and file compatibility Tool which enables to save or send the document in the prescribed format.

Its Key features Involves:

  • docuworks_diagram
  • Advanced Search
  • Document Workflow
  • Document Compiler
  • Document Syncronization
  • Document Digitilization
  • Document merging
  • Document Retrival
  • Document Storage
  • Document reporting