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With our across the board system and enlistment strategy we comprehend that our customers get their staffing needs are mollified as well as advantage from proceeding with arrangements. Now and again when occupation bouncing and employment shopping have turned out to be terrible dream for organizations, we battle to manufacture long-standing connections among the staff members and workers. We enrollstaff with solid suit of character and honesty, who sincerely share our qualities, and we regard each assignment as another stage toward building long haul connections.


Quick, consistent enrollment bolster

With an industry-driving procedure supported by restrictive innovation, we offer the best in sourcing administrations, screening administrations, enlisting administrations and exclusively specific administrations to give organization scouts and staffing organizations an edge over the opposition. Our solid selecting bolster experts practice as enrollment specialists, name era, sourcing or screening specialists. Those with more involvement with Espros Technology Consultants are regularly broadly educated in various positions or enterprises. Our HR staff effectively enroll the best staff accessible, and our broad preparing projects are second-to-none.


Administration, speed and cutting edge innovation

Starting from the minute you get in touch with us, we'll talk about your needs and coveted results to recognize the best answer for your business. We'll layout each progression of our procedure so you recognize what's in store, regardless of whether you're new to the administration or a seaward enlistment veteran. Amid our usage procedure, we characterize the prerequisites, build up any procedure customizations essential, talk about prescribed procedures and get ready revealing. Fundamentally, we become more acquainted with your business and your inclinations. Each new customer is guided by an interior record chief accessible by telephone, email or moment dispatcher amid business hours. Our staff are likewise accessible, and presentations are made amid usage.


Around 40% of a selection representative's opportunity goes to investigate. Need it back? Why errand a skilled enrollment specialist with a dreary ability look? Give Espros Technology Consultants a chance to streamline your applicant research and selection representative dollars by conveying qualified competitor profiles to your spotter or enlisting group. As opposed to swim through candidates, online resume databases and LinkedIn, your selection representatives invest energy in the telephone, planning meetings and bilding up their system. With our around the world, day and night sourcing model, our customers get the correct fit, immediately.

Espros Technology Consultants serves an extensive variety of ventures, which include:

  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Transportation
  • Security Finance/Accounting
  • Oil/Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Bio/Pharma/Medical Device
  • Telecom

Cost and time funds As a full-time representative, a sourcer works amid the US evening hours, guaranteeing that your applicant look doesn't stop when your selection representatives go home. By morning, you'll have a group of hopeful continues or profiles in your inbox, fit to your position prerequisites.

No hazard Minimum contract term is one month, so there's no hazard!

Take in more about our excellent sourcing specialists and the majority of the enterprises we serve.

More than 70% of candidates are inadequate. Need to maintain a strategic distance from them? Considers demonstrate that over 70% of candidates applying for a vocation don't meet at least one vital criteria required for that position. Hungry Bird's demonstrated procedure diminishes time-to-fill and in addition cost-to-load with intensive competitor explore that incorporates:

  • Segregated resumes

We isolate volumes of resumes into the individuals who warrant a meeting and those that don't meet the base prerequisites.

  • Targeted questions

We collaborate with customers to make custom-made inquiries to decide a hopeful's potential immediately.

  • Multiple assessments

We break down on the premise of many elements including aptitude, foundation and topography.

  • Research

We review each qualified hopeful and present our examination to our customer's enlisting or procuring group, giving a brisk depiction of every applicant.

End to End Recruiting

Get to more enrolling assets than some other Thefavorable circumstances are enormous! Espros Technology Consultants is an organization with about a time of involvement in seaward RPO. With a solid model of effectiveness and adjustable sourcing and enrolling arrangements that draw from coastal and seaward groups, we help customers:

  • Save time and cash

Put resources into more prominent profitability without extra overhead or exorbitant memberships. All the more effortlessly organize assignments and amplify time accessible.

  • Focus on need objectives

Keep interior staff concentrated on their best gifts and income creating exercises.

  • Increase efficiency

At the point when Espros Technology Consultants scouts share the workload, your inward enrollment specialists can fulfill more.

  • Increase benefit

Commit a spotter to a lower edge account and enhance edges, or, dole out the enrollment specialist to remain solitary capacities.

  • Increase data transfer capacity

Serve more customers and more open doors without relinquishing quality.

Specific Services

Well beyond customary selecting support

With tremendous outsourced enlisting assets, mastery and economy of scale, Espros Technology Consultants can meet interesting customer needs — frequently with custom arrangements including any of the accompanying:

  • Research

We don't impart our exploration to different organizations, nor is it a player in any dynamic database. Premium membership access to LinkedIn, Spoke, specialty long range informal communication destinations, graduated class locales and online journals; and also our own particular restrictive advances make our examination a portion of the freshest and most intensive accessible.

  • Time-expending errands

Espros Technology Consultants can free up customers' the ideal opportunity for more elevated amount works by taking care of undertakings, for example, information section or resume reformatting.

  • Better costs

. We are regularly ready to offer cost-efficiencies and huge economies of scale. For instance, we can organize work postings for the benefit of customers at a profoundly decreased cost. We then either channel reactions or pass them on in mass — whichever the customer inclines toward

  • Customized and community oriented administrations

Whatever you're specific need, Espros Technology Consultants can modify an answer, give cooperation, or totally take it off your hands. Regardless of the possibility that this is as basic as controlling customers to the correct arrangement.